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Examples of Smaller Projects We Have Tackled

  • ON-BOARDING – We connected high quality technical personnel to a small company with an urgent need for specific top-tier talent.
  • DISEASE LANDSCAPE – We reviewed the competitive landscape and provided an assessment of a therapeutic product profile needed to compete in specific subtypes of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a clinical area in which treatment paradigms are rapidly evolving.
  • PRODUCT PROFILES – We have evaluated the competitive/commercial position of novel therapeutics being developed for multiple sclerosis and provided specific guidance to investment firms on the relative attractiveness of different drugs in the MS market in the US and the EU.
  • OUT-LICENSING –  We produced a program-specific out-licensing proposal for a large biotech, sought attractive investment partners, and successfully placed an option to license with a prominent venture capital firm.
  • IN-LICENSING – A pharmaceutical client asked for third-party evaluation of the therapeutic and competitive value of an early clinical stage asset under development at a small biotech. We performed formal due diligence up to and including evaluating the clinical development plan, and provided a detailed critique, including our positive opinion, to the client.

Creating a New Therapeutic Focus

In 2012 we were engaged by a large local biotech company to evaluate a new therapeutic area. This effort was driven by the desire of the client to move aggressively into a new suite of diseases. We began by doing a deep dive into the client’s existing portfolio in order to identify assets already in development that could be directed to novel diseases. Concurrently we began a comprehensive review of preclinical and clinical stage assets available for partnering or in-licensing. Finally we engaged in pathological pathway analysis to identify novel targets for discovery programs. This effort, initiated and completed within two quarters, led to the eventual acquisition of a private company and its Phase 2 clinical stage assets, for nearly 100MM $USD. Based on our analyses the client also started several new discovery and preclinical development programs to complement the clinical stage acquisition.

Launching an Immunotherapeutic Antibody Company

In 2012 and 2013 we worked with a local venture capital firm to evaluate all of the newly emerging immunotherapy checkpoint pathways. We selected the best possible pathways for prosecution in a carefully defined subset of cancers. Drug therapeutic profiles and pathway-specific preclinical development plans were then developed. This effort led to the establishment of the new company’s portfolio and evaluation of the clinical landscape into which their drugs would ultimately emerge – critical information that drove the  preclinical development strategy, specifically, to identify novel combination therapies that would be attractive in treating specific cancers. The firm then successfully used this innovative strategic positioning in its pitch for syndication. The firm was able to attract not only additional venture capital investment also investment from a top-10 pharmaceutical company.

Building a New Asset-Centric Small Molecule Development Company

In 2013 we embedded with a local private company that had developed best-in-class small molecule screening capabilities for biotech and pharma clients. Their work validating the technology had created a unique collection of proprietary assets. We evaluated 50 distinct assets and their target pathways and defined a portfolio that could be spun out into a new asset-centric drug development company. Each asset was evaluated in the context of the competitive landscape, the attractiveness of the therapeutic hypothesis and disease area, and the ability to develop tractable medchem and preclinical programs. The screening company then used this information to raise an 11MM USD seed round from private investors. We served in the role executive consultant and acting CSO in order to launch and enable all company operations, leading to four programs launched and prosecuted for preclinical development.

Crossing the Biotech Valley of Death

In 2012 we partnered with a small privately held virtual biotech company that was seeking means of funding while it developed a data package suitable for promoting a Series A round. We took a critical look at the funding options and defined a foundation and government granting strategy based on the attractiveness of the company’s innovative technology and target therapeutic area. We then worked closely with the company to write and submit diverse grants, targeting disease specific foundation grants and small company innovation grants, including the scientific and technical rationale, workplans, costs, timelines, and milestones.