Examples of Smaller Projects We Have Tackled

  • ON-BOARDING – We connected high quality technical personnel to a small company with an urgent need for specific top-tier talent.
  • DISEASE LANDSCAPE – We reviewed the competitive landscape and provided an assessment of a therapeutic product profile needed to compete in specific subtypes of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a clinical area in which treatment paradigms are rapidly evolving.
  • PRODUCT PROFILES – We have evaluated the competitive/commercial position of novel therapeutics being developed for multiple sclerosis and provided specific guidance to investment firms on the relative attractiveness of different drugs in the MS market in the US and the EU.
  • OUT-LICENSING –  We produced a program-specific out-licensing proposal for a large biotech, sought attractive investment partners, and successfully placed an option to license with a prominent venture capital firm.
  • IN-LICENSING – A pharmaceutical client asked for third-party evaluation of the therapeutic and competitive value of an early clinical stage asset under development at a small biotech. We performed formal due diligence up to and including evaluating the clinical development plan, and provided a detailed critique, including our positive opinion, to the client.