AACR 2014 coverage packages, custom built and utterly afforable

SugarCone Biotech Consultants LLC announces our AACR 2014 initiative. Our goal is to provide customized conference coverage to our biotech, pharma and investment clients. We follow specific diseases and drug development programs, update competitive landscapes, discover novel targets, deconstruct genetic data, anticipate evolving clinical practice, and track news on specific drugs and companies. We will provide updates in any format, from white papers to powerpoint to realtime DM, text and email updates. Contact us now for very competitive pricing on custom coverage.

rennertp@sugarconebiotech.com or rennertp@gmail.com; 1-508-282-6370

ps. see our ASH2013 coverage for examples of what we can do:  http://www.sugarconebiotech.com/?p=16