Our core strength is Strategic Analysis and Consulting to support successful corporate development. We engage with our clients in academic technology transfer, start-up creation and financing, corporate in-licensing, due diligence, competitive intelligence, program development and execution, outsourcing and vendor selection,  out-licensing, defining critical transition stages and milestones, and identifying  academic and corporate partnerships.

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Strategic Analysis and Due Diligence

  • Create strategic asset development plans to support funding and investment
  • Create and review business plans and investment  strategies to  identify high value opportunities
  • Identify and create action plans for red flag issues that impact financing and successful corporate development or investment
  • Rigorously assess investment opportunities: start-up to in-licensing and acquisitions

Novel Drugs, Pathways and Therapeutic Targets

  • Evaluate novel therapeutics and disease target pathways; produce white paper reports and presentations to enable strategic decisions
  • Develop candidate therapeutic profiles: what does your drug have to do to succeed
  • Assess clinical and commercial tractability in light of the competitive landscape
  • Evaluate PD and biomarker strategies to support clinical development
  • Develop therapeutic and disease area forecasts based on advances in understanding disease pathogenesis, the development of  disruptive technologies, the evolution in clinical trials, agency guidance, and trends in clinical practice

Start-up and New Company Development

  • Create fully realized research proposals and business plans, including work plans, milestones, resourcing, success metrics, timelines, valuation and potential exit lanes
  • Create and support funding strategies, including grant writing, foundation funding, expert representation at investment meetings, interface with investment communities
  • Provide acting C-suite leadership for corporate launches

Corporate Intelligence

  • Perform competitive intelligence analyses and interview services (researchers, patients, physicians, KOLs)
  • Generate best-in-class, intensive conference coverage and reporting
  • Forecast trends drug development and commercial uptake of novel drugs based on disease area-specific evolving landscape analyses

Outsourcing and On-Boarding

  • Identify best-in-class academic collaborators  and CRO for specific projects, including efficacy and toxicity modeling
  • Create scope of work, definition of deliverables; manage vendor relationships
  • Perform compliance driven site visits and auditing
  • Identify and manage specialty CRO services
  • Provide specific advice and intelligence regarding off-shoring decisions
  • Source and evaluate top-tier scientific and management talent