We drive successful biotech development.

We engage with our clients in academic technology transfer, start-up creation and financing, corporate in-licensing, due diligence, competitive intelligence, program development and execution, outsourcing and vendor selection,  out-licensing, defining critical transition stages and milestones and nurturing  partnerships and transactions.

Strategic Analysis and Due Diligence

  • We create strategic asset development plans to support funding and investment.
  • We create and review business plans and investment  strategies to  identify high value opportunities.
  • We identify and create action plans for red flag issues and gaps that impact financing, successful corporate development and investment.
  • We rigorously assess investment opportunities by performing due diligence from seed to S1 – start-up to IPO. We have performed hundreds of diligence reviews, for pharma, for biotech, for VC funds, for public/private, crossover, hedge and mutual funds.
  • We advise biotech ETF managers on the companies in their portfolios.

Start-up and New Company Development

  • We build research proposals and business plans, including work plans, milestones, resourcing, success metrics, timelines, valuation and potential exit lanes.
  • We articulate and act on funding strategies, including grant writing, foundation funding, expert representation at investment meetings, interface with investment communities, private placement, family office and direct Venture Capital engagement.
  • We provide acting C-suite leadership for corporate launches.
  • We have helped dozens of companies successfully launch.


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